ZADAR AIRPORT Commercial department



Inquiries for general and business aviation

Tel: +385 (0)23 205 909

The VIP terminal, conveniently located to the south side of the main terminal is intended solely for general and business aviation.

Price of General&Business aviation terminal usage

Usage of General and Business aviation terminal
  • Quick turnaround through GAT terminal
  • Free drink and snacks
  • Usage of the bathroom
  • Business and communication area
  • High speed internet connection, TV
  • Travel Value Shop
  • Car parking right in front of the GAT Terminal
  • Transportation of crew and passengers at the apron
Per crew in departing 50,00 EUR
Per crew in arriving 50,00 EUR
Per crew in transit 50,00 EUR
Per departing pax 65,00 EUR
Per arriving pax 65,00 EUR
Usage of VIP lounge (2 hours) 100,00 EUR
Vehicle entry in front of the aircraft 500,00 EUR
Meet, Greet & Assist service (on commercial flights, per person) 80,00 EUR
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About Zadar "Zadar - city with the most beautiful sunset in the world!"
Alfred Hitchcock

European best destination


Explore opportunities for cruising specialised charter flights to Zadar Airport

Zadar has been on the cruise ship map for a few years, but now it meets all the requirements to become a perfect jumping off point to explore the stretches of the Croatian coastline as well as some of the most interesting Mediterranean and Adriatic destinations.

The newly built Port of Zadar is only 3 km away from Zadar Airport which creates huge opportunities for passenger and cargo traffic via Zadar Airport.

As the Port of Zadar tends to become a homeport for large cruise ships, embarkation/disembarkation of guests can easily be done through Zadar Airport which is only 10 mins away.

Excellent infrastructure - modern terminal building of Zadar Airport and a newly built Port of Zadar are only 10 minutes away - connected with two lane highway.