Passenger information

Passengers with reduced mobility and special assistance

Passengers requiring special assistance
There is a marked place in the Passenger Terminal equipped with telephone where passengers may report, and all necessary help will be provided, from check-in to boarding the aircraft.

Passengers with hearing and vision impairment, passengers with disability/reduced mobility and stretcher passengers have the advantage when registering for flight and are provided with special assistance service.
Passengers with disability/reduced mobility and stretcher passengers are escorted to the Gate from where they are boarded into the Lift Mobile and transported to the aircraft.

Unaccompanied Minors (UM)
Please contact airlines directly for all rules and travel documentation needed for the transportation of unaccompanied children.

An escort service, as well as the Welcome Service to the aircraft is provided for unaccompanied children.
Parents or persons who deliver a child must stay at the airport until the taking-off of the aircraft.