Contact information for passengers

Zadar Airport ltd.

Ulica I/2A,
23222 Zemunik Donji

P.P. 367
HR-23000 Zadar

E-mail: info(manki)zadar-airport(tocka)hr


Tel: 060 355-355 for calls within the national network
The price of call 1,74 HRK per minute for calls from fixed line and 2,96 HRK for calls from mobile network.
Operated by: HT d.d. Savska c. 32, Zagreb, Tel: 0800 1234

Tel: +385 23 205 917 for calls outside Croatia

Lost luggage

Lost or damaged luggage can be reported at the Lost and Found Office.
Telephone: +385 23 205 904
E-mail: lost-found(manki)zadar-airport(tocka)hr